Meet the Maker

Andrew Fischer

Creator of Cold Brew Woodworking

After buying his first house in 2018, Andrew built himself a custom dining room table in his basement, and Cold Brew Woodworking was born. Now a full-time maker, Andrew is passionate about connecting and creating at higher levels every day in his Nashville, TN wood shop.

A former certified technician for Toyota and native New Yorker, Andrew’s approach to woodworking is both mechanical and people-focused. Quality and consistency come first at CBW – from customer service to maker collaboration, he leaves no stone unturned and holds himself to the highest standard.

Equally as bold as his designs, Andrew’s personality shines through in his work, infusing his distinct creativity into every order.


“Each piece I make, and the continued growth of Cold Brew Woodworking, is made possible by my amazing partners, customers, family, and woodworking community. I wouldn’t be where I am today without you all!”

Products & Partners

Cold Brew Woodworking is a small business offering made-to-order cookware, furniture, home decor and more, featuring epoxy rivers, exotic woods, and one-of-a-kind designs.

Cold Brew Woodworking
Cold Brew Woodworking