The Possibilities are Endless.

Custom colors, exotic woods, and one-of-a-kind designs give you limitless opportunities to bring your vision to life.

Serving Boards

Available in a variety of sizes with chamfered edges and custom handles. From charcuterie to pastries, these boards are sure to impress.

Cutting Boards & Butcher Blocks

Durable and food-safe, with juice grooves and no-slip grips. Cut and serve your favorite meats, bread, and more to make a strong statement.


From full dining sets to coffee tables, choose your epoxy color and metal fixtures that complement and enhance your home.

Custom Builds

Dream big with Cold Brew Woodworking. Creating new masterpieces daily, bring your idea and watch it come to life with CBW.

Cold Brew Woodworking is a small business offering made-to-order cookware, furniture, home decor and more, featuring epoxy rivers, exotic woods, and one-of-a-kind designs.

Cold Brew Woodworking
Cold Brew Woodworking