“BattleGround” Chess Table


The most unique wood/resin chess table you’ll ever find!



From start to finish, this game table was by far my best vision to date. My absolutely stunned customer gave me the only words I needed to hear, “do what you do best”.

The vision I had for this piece was to combine a timeless Victorian, tapered leg style base and incorporate it with a modern resin top while still making it functional. I drew out a couple designs but I was set on the quad river design as I have never seen it done before.

The table itself is constructed entirely of black walnut with the cherry/walnut chess board set in the middle of the table top. Custom resin chess pieces, color of your choosing are included with purchase.

Whether you are a GrandMaster or a novice chess enthusiast, make this table the highlight of your living room or game room.

Free shipping US only.