“Unearthly” Dining Table


This product was handmade by Cold Brew Woodworking, a Nashville wood shop that offers made-to-order cookware, furniture, home decor and more, featuring epoxy rivers, exotic woods, and one-of-a-kind designs.



The first of its kind. This dining table is an actual piece of space. Yes outer space. I’ll explain.

Atomic Finishes announced 3 limited edition colors that contain actual lunar dust from authentic cutting dust from the Lunar Meteorite ‘North West Africa 10756 (NWA10756)’ which was found in 2015, and classified by The Meteoritical Society and published in the Meteoritical Bulletin, No. 105 in 2016.

All 3 of these limited edition colors were used in the resin you see in the table. No other person ON EARTH has made a table of this magnitude yet with these lunar dust pigments. Certification cards will be included in table purchase.

Table measures 84” x 40” x 2”. Seats 6 very comfortably but you can fit 8 if needed. 30” standard table height.

”Spider” table base was fabricated locally here in Nashville by Elemental Arthouse and finished in a semi glass black. Leveling feet installed underneath.

Black Walnut was sourced from Black Forest Sawmill in Virginia where it was meticulously cared for through the entire air/kiln drying processes taking about 2 years to complete before being worked.

Superclear deep pour epoxy resin is the best product on the market and the only one I will use.

Table is finished in Atomic Finishes Wood Oil and topped off with a hardwax oil to seal in the finish and leaves a nice semi gloss sheen protective layer over top.

C-channels installed on both ends of table underneath with Rampatec threaded inserts and bolts to ensure the table stays flat while allowing expansion and contraction during seasonal temperature/humidity changes. This is a normal occurrence and proper precautions need to be taken such as this to prevent failure of tabletop.

Price includes free shipping nationwide.

$1000 off and free delivery for Nashville and surrounding area customers so please reach out before purchase. A price adjustment will be made prior to purchase.